Do you sell to public?


Our business is only for B2B.

We sell our products only to Restaurants and Grocery stores.

Can we pick up from the store?


We do deliver our products to retail stores and restaurants using our truck.

No pick up options are available at this point.

Delivery Schedule :

What is your delivery schedule?

Please click the delivery schedule tab .

Customers are requested to order atleast 2 days prior to our delivery schedule.

What are your working hours?

Monday – Saturday

10.00 am to 8.00 PM.

The store is not open to the public.

We do serve our customers by delivery only

Do you carry all vegetables as listed in the website?

We do try our best to make it happen

If there is a stock issue, we will refund you when we deliver your order.

Thanks for your understanding.

Will i get a refund if there is a quality issue?

Update you shortly!

Where do you procure your vegetables and how you store them to maintain the quality?

We procure our fruits and vegetables from wholesalers.

We do have in-house cooler and freezer to protect the quality of our products

Will you deliver frozen items?

Not, Right Now.

Will you deliver 7 days a Week?

Update you Shortly!

Can i order on the same day as of your delivery schedule?


Customers are requested to order one day prior to the scheduled day.

Thanks for your understanding.

Can i order all vegetables prior to the scheduled date?


Some Indian vegetables must be ordered before Wednesday evening.

We mentioned those vegetables on the website already.

For those vegetables, please follow per below.

Example :

If your scheduled delivery date is for Friday, we still need to receive your those vegetable order on Tuesday itself.

If you have questions, call us before ordering at +49 621 86243212

Thanks for your understanding